Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Quad bike gets electronic locking

The New Issue of Practical Farm Ideas, Vol 21, issue 2, has been printed, mailed to subscribers and will be in selected rural stores from Thursday Aug 9. Click through here for details and to order 

Our cover story in this new issue helps farmers keep their quad bikes - and other machinery - on the farm and not part of an insurance claim for theft.

Quad bikes are so often left with their keys in the ignition. It means that Fred can use it and leave the bike for Jim. That the keys won't fall out of the pocket when chasing sheep. Or, if the bike is parked close to where you're working, there's no chance it will be nicked in broad daylight.

Scallies will cruise by and check to see if the keys are there,
than pass on to think out a plan of action. They'll return in a few minutes, hop on the bike, unhitch any trailer and roar off into a waiting van. And that's the last you see of your quad.

Our contributor has fitted a £35 electronic lock, which is operated with £2 programmable plastic fobs. Put your fob close to the receiver on the bike and it kills the engine. Do it again and it starts. Each authorised rider has a fob, and when they get off they immobilise the machine, and can safely leave the key in the ignition. It limits the people who can use the bile to those with a fob. Adds to safety when youngsters are around.

A desirable machine

A desirable magazine

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