Thursday, November 05, 2009

Send me your pesticide issues

Open Meeting for Government Advisory Committee on Pesticides

I'm going to this 'Open' meeting and am willing to raise concerns and issues from farmers. The meeting is this next Monday, 9 November, in York, (entry by ticket).

My reason is to see if the Committee is aware of CDA, controlled droplet spraying. Readers of Practical Farm Ideas will remember I featured this in the Summer issue "Is Controlled Droplet Spraying Buried Technology?" The savings in chemical, water, and road travel through using this advanced form of droplet generation, perfected by Lely in the late 1970s and early 80s seems of even greater use today than when it was first pioneered.

If anyone wants to submit other issues re pesticides, please do so. Maybe the controls on specific chemicals; regulations regarding use... all would be interesting. It is unclear how much time there will be for discussion, but I am in the workshop session:
• Integrated Pest Management and its contribution to sustainable agriculture.

If you email me directly this would be best/