Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The diesel question - future price trends, and cutting costs

As the price of oil rises the pain for buyers increases. Farmers are price takers and not price setters, so they have no possibility to raise their selling price of corn, meat or milk to take account of the rise in diesel. 
Securing supplies of diesel is a major concern for farmers today. Now is not the time for supplies to be interrupted. Each farmer has to make his own buying decision, and the relevant information he has to do this is scarce, even though commodity markets are in information overload, with facts mixed up with fiction, 

Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23

A less than neutral budget

Farming didn't get a mention in the Budget speech, but that doesn't mean it will have no effect on farming. In fact, the long term consequences could be quite considerable.

ON FUEL, the Chancellor is criticised for not giving an inch on the rising cost of fuel prices, and the confirmation of the increase in fuel duty this summer will surely make things harder for people in the country.

The answer is going to be greater economies on the farm. Fuel consumption is going to be of greater consideration when choosing tractors and machinery, and when deciding how to do farming operations. Will farmers continue to have a fuel arrangement with their contractor which

Monday, March 12, 2012

BBC Countryfile moves further away from farming

BBC Countryfile moves further away from farming

Many farmers are complaining that 'their' TV slot is being hi-jacked by people they describe as 'the sandal brigade', 'foodies and fadies'  and 'rural tourism' and so on. It's hard to deny it. 
But, as Andrew Thorman explained to a group of farming journalists from the GAJ, the audiences for all the farming programmes, including the early morning Farming Today, have increased