Thursday, July 05, 2018

Water bowser puts out crop fires

NFU Mutual warned us last week of the dangers of crop fires. Ripening 
cereal crops are getting dry and the extreme sunlight is ready to ignite some
tinder dry material. 

Their warning reminded me of a neat idea which Geoff, a Midlands farmer
with land close to dense housing estates, prepares each season as soon as 
crops look vulnerable to fire, whether caused by sunlight or youths with matches.

His home made 3000 litre water bowser for the sprayer has a stainless tank 
which came from a nearby brewery that was being rebuilt. It mounts on a single 
axle chassis with good tyres. There's a Honda pump fitted and a long hose,
an on-off valve, and a jet end. 

When the corn ripens the tank is filled and the bowser parked in the yard for
a quick get-away when the alarm sounds. Geoff is generally on the scene
well before the brigade who have people to collect and much further to travel.
The fire is often out by the time they arrive.

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